”Creativity is contagious – pass it on”
Albert Einstein

KokeaDesign creates value to organizations and business using artistic methods and art interventions.

What we offer

We create processes that enhance your company vision, commit your people and create well-being at work.

Visualize your strategy

Communicate your company values and commit people to your strategy.
KokeaDesign’s value-creation process includes value workshops and storifying and visualizing your company core values together with your team. Company values are captured into a beautiful art work for your workspace!

Inspire innovation and creativity

Get the full creative potential of your company. Commit and inspire your employees with our creativity workshops. Increase your company’s innovation and open new possibilities for your creative team with our innovation day.

Improve your employee well-being

Collect data on well-being at work with our interactive methods. Debrief and discuss about challenging work issues using artistic methods and feedback. Improve your office workspace to energize and enhance mindfulness.

Make an impression

Communicate your company vision and brand more efficiently. Increase your visibility in media with our art projects and create a humane impression with art. KokeaDesign offers different kind of artistic experiences from interactive media installations to more traditional visual art form.

Examples of our services


Your company well-being is our passion, so whatever the question or how crazy the idea, we’re happy to help you.

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Once upon a time…

..there was a pale girl, who was a painter, a dreamer and a philosopher. She was looking for a channel to use her talents, so she studied art and design. She soon found out that she was good in designing usable services and nice experiences for people. She found her work satisfying, but she was always looking for the “greater purpose” for her talents. She wished to create value and wellbeing to companies and people. One day she realized she can do both: design art and also help people in their own work. Her company Kokeadesign was born.

Outi Kotala

Outi Kotala

Artist, Creative Inspirer

KokeaDesign is founded by artist and service designer Outi Kotala. She has a long experience in both digital and traditional art as well as working with companies delivering digital services to both B-2-B and customer markets. She has a master’s degree in Fine Arts.
As a Buddhist she believes it is possible to make a difference with loving kindness.



  • Value creation workshop opens the mind. Thoughts travel to new, refreshing directions, and imagination is released. Afterwords I felt like I could look into and study the challenges I face in my work from a totally new perspective

    Mia Kalenius – AIM Graphics

  • I participated in a very nice and well facilitated, idea rich FriiDay innovation workshop. My insight and ideas concerning our services were strenghtened. I can warmly recommend this innovation day.

    Jarmo Tanskanen – CEO, Valopi Oy

  • Outi is a rare combination: a talented artist and an excellent project manager in one person. With Outi things get done and work quality is unique & excellent.

    Mikko Ahonen - Founder, Sustainable Mobile Inc & Researcher, PhD, Univ. of Tampere

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